Life is a collection of little moments and stories...​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Hey there, my name is Alexander Van Rompuy and I am currently based in Rotterdam (Netherlands)
I am originally from Belgium, but I grew up in Germany and Spain which made me fall in love with visiting different countries and traveling. 
I studied International Business and a Master in Marketing Management at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam and kickstarted my career in DEPT (A digital marketing Agency). However, on the side I quickly fell in love with Photography!
My main focus in Photography lies in Travel and Portraits Photography. However, I also like to dabble with different mediums, such as film and learn about other fields as much as possible. 
I currently shoot with a Nikon D3200 and my trusty 50.0 mm lens. 
Follow my journey on my social media channels...
@alexander.snapshots - Instagram​​​​​​​
This account is how it all started. When I began getting into Photography, I wanted to create an outlet for the content that I was making. 
With Instagram being a popular social media platform that I knew already quite well, and with a beginning follower base from my main account it was the most straightforward option. 
Therefore, I started posting some of my favorite pictures here alongside with a description of the context it was taken in. 
I have been loving the process of doing so, hence you will probably find me posting there quite often whenever I have a new batch of pictures that are ready to go out! 
@AlexRompuy - Twitter
I have only recently started to post on Twitter, but will try to build it as a secondary channel accompanying the already existing account on Instagram.
Due to the limited characters in Twitter the stories coming along with the photos can always be read on either this website or on my Instagram account. 
Nevertheless, twitter will be interesting because I can post a lot of behind the scenes, processes, ideas and final pictures. 
So feel free to follow along!
You first have to find your dream, before you can follow it...